XR650L jetting and Dynojet kit question

I have a 99 xr650l. I recently rejetted using the Dynojet kit with the needle in third position and the 160 main. I have removed the airbox baffle and am running a Uni-filter. Exhaust is stock and the bike seems to run pretty well. I am now about to add on a used Yoshimura YRD exhaust with the quiet core installed. Will this jetting be sufficient or should I use the 165 main istead? Should I add the 55 slow jet that came with the kit? Change needle position? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ken

My suggestion is use everything that came in the kit! The directions clearly state if you are running factory exhaust then use the 160 main, but if you open it up run the 165. (Which is what your should do) The slow jet / pilot jet is the one that DynoJet adds into the kit (they tested it on hundreds of installs, you sould install and run it also) You don't need to change the clip position. Baja Designs has done all of the testing run their recommended settings and tweak afterwards if you feel it's nessassary. Put on your aftermarket slipon and be prepaired to notice the difference!


i bought the DJ kit for my OH3,have a PC T-4.with modified Qcore.Yes ,go with the 55 pilot/165main.But i did switch back to the stock needle shimmed(i had already drilled the slide) :)

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