Oil Leaking, help on changing seal

Just ordered parts to replace seal, colar and o ring on the countershaft behind the sprocket. Shows the oring is behind the bearing. Is the bearing pressed in? I really don't want to split case. Please any insight on the subject matter...this will be my first attempt

Bike is an 09 wr450

Thank you

The o-ring is on the ID of the collar


To change it


Take sprocket off

Lever out the Oil seal, by inserting a small screw driver between the OD of the seal and the recess in the cranckcase

Pull the collar off using small vice grips or similar

Fit the O-ring to the new collar and push it onto the shaft (use grease to aid assembly)

Fit the Oil seal (grease the lips of the seal, and the od of the seal to aid assembly)

Do not fit the oil seal then fit the collar as there is a risk of damaging the oil seal from the sharp edge on the collar as it goes in, and the new seal will leak


The bearing is fitted from the inside - if you need to change this then the cases need to be split

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Hm on the diagram we were looking at when I put in parts order, it showed the o ring behind the bearing....

Thank you for reply

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