Phoenix/Glamis this weekend

Any of you boys down in the Phoenix area going to be out riding this weekend? If so, where at? I will be down there on Friday through Tuesday. It would be nice to meet a couple of you. I guess the plans are to ride locally in phoenix on Friday and Saturday, go to "bartlett" Sunday and Glamis dune riding on Monday. Something about going up by the mountains on Tuesday.


I am bikeless at the moment. Sold the 426 and am waiting on the 250F. It wont be here until late next week.

Have fun and remember to stay away from the cactus! Do yourself a favor and put a comb (to flick the cholla ball off you) and good tweezers (to painfully extract the barbed needles) in your fanny pack. Also, bring your camelback or canteens as its starting to warm up here.

Maybe next time!


I was thinkin about it until I heard how much enforcement was going to be on hand. The desert Nazis are gonna be out in force, charging you to use open desert, then harrass you for having fun.

IF you read the newest rules they are bent on enforcing, they basically made the Sand drags illegal. Not to metion what's probably going to happen at Comp hill on saturday night.

Good luck

Thanks F-pilot! I will grab a comb and tweezers and put them in my bag right now.

Sorry you could not join us.


PS what is a desert nazi? So you are saying they will charge you? What make you buy a sticker?

Thanks for the warning. I will make sure I keep my nose clean.

You'll be fine around here, ride all the desert you want for free. I guess they're having some problems at the dunes.

Thanks Fpilot,

I just got back late last night. You guys really have some cool riding places down there. My two favorite were "lake bartlett" (mountain riding, much variety), and Glamis Dunes (Just huge sand dunes as far as the eye can see). We had no problems with "desert nazis". We did see plenty of rangers out there, but none of them said "boo" to us. I have a feeling they are mostly after the squids. We just acted human and everything was fine. If any of you guys have not ridden in AZ/southern CA, you simply have not ridden.

My bike ran great, a little rich at one location (2,500 ft elv.), at the dunes it ran perfect. I am running 45 pilot, 65 main.

Thanks for all of your help.


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