Magura Jack problems

Went on my first real ride today since installing the Jack. Made it about 12 miles and the little knob on the end of the rod coming out of the slave cylinder snapped off.

Any others who have installed the Magura had this happen?



I commented on the magura jack mount on several posts on the YZ and WR forums in the past. It is a poor design and stresses the slave cylinder rod end. I designed a pivoting mount to take the stress off the rod and also made a cylinder mounting bracket. I put a staninless steel braided line on since the stock plastic one goes brittle or melts from being close to the pipe. You have to buy a new slave cylinder and PM me for the design prints and pics for my mount and pivoting rod end pin. Magura designers have their heads in the sand. The unit works very well and will last if mounted properly. I am very happy with the results, performance and I have had it on since last October. :)

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