2001 yz 426 rebuild.

Hello all,


I've just picked up two 426's not running. I've just shattered my foot and need a project and these came a long for a cheap buck. 


Does anyone have any tips or knowledge of these bikes before I dive into them? I'm picking them up tonight. Is there anyway of making them easier to start? Where is the best place to pick up parts for these things?


Appreciate the help folks.



The simplest way to make them easy to start is to keep a fresh plug in them, get the carb tuned correctly, especially on the idle circuit, and to understand exactly what the right starting drill is.

You can also install an aftermarket exhaust cam with the automatic decompression system built in. That simplifies the drill, but the carb and good ignition are still the biggest things.

New exhaust cam with auto decomp. Is key for an easy start on the 426!!

Hey there,


I have a 2001 yz426 that I'm currently working on.  It had been running pretty well the last few rides, but I went to fire it up the other day(it didn't want to start) and noticed I could kick through the compression stroke with out using the decompression lever. This can't be good I thought.  Fast forward to me thinking this is the perfect excuse to tear down the engine because I wanted to put Hot Cam's auto decompression exhaust cam in.  I currently have it down to the cylinder and the cyl. head I dropped off for valve inspection because I have no tools to check if they are in spec and I'm guessing I might have a problem with them.


going to buy these.




Unless someone can suggest a better product.


Once I get the engine all bolted back up, I need to work on clutch, it doesn't feather anymore and I think my friction plates are just worn out..


I'm using a service manual 426 man put on the web.  Been going really smooth so far.  This is the first work ive done on the bike so I'm no pro but I can at least share my experience with you if you have any questions.  Good luck to you!



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