cam chain

As I have my bike apart for gearbox rebuild I wanted to check the cam chain. On other bikes I've owned, there has been a specified maximun length for 20 links of camchain.

Amyone know what it is for the WR?? The reason I suspect the chain is that when the engine is on TDC(according to the flywheel) the cam timing marks (inlet and exhaust) sit about 1/2 a tooth above the head surface. Maybe the TDC mark is incorrect, I'll check that with a piston stop and degree wheel on reassembly.


I am wondering about cam chains as well. How do you know when they are bad?

punch marks dont line up when the chain is stretched from intake cam to exhaust cam when you check your valve clearances.

The cam chain should be good for the life of the bike. My dealer has never had one ordered or replaced one.

Replacing the chain is cheap insurance. Better safe than sorry.

You can also tell how worn/stretched a chain is by how much travel is left in your cam chain tensioner. If your adjuster is maxed the chain can jump teeth, and that leads to bent valves, etc.

Hey hamish,

How many times have you had to rebuild that gerabox now :cry:

Hey hamish,

How many times have you had to rebuild that gerabox now :cry:

Just the once, which was about 6 months ago.

Going to do the head soon as I managed to score a set of aftermarket Ti valves for pre release testing. I'll post the results when it's all done.

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