Help-Touching up frame-What color paint?

I am touching up the frame on my 98 YZ400. Does anyone know the correct color? My Yamaha shop will have to order the correct paint and I don't want to wait. Does anyone know where I can get the right color paint from.


PJ1 makes excellent frame epoxy frame spray paint. For your bike use the 98 YZ blue. It is an exact match! They also offer a primer + a clear coat. Most dealers carry this paint. Don't have your dealer order stock YZ paint. If it is even available, it's probably way over priced.

When you paint make sure the frame is clean and lightly sanded. I also use a little mineral spirits to get it completely clean. Mask it off and apply 4-5 light coats. Take your time as this stuff will run like ant spray paint. If you take your time you'll be surprised how well it looks.

Good Luck!

PJ-1 also makes a lacquer yamaha blue paint. It goes on shiny and dries shiny and works great for quick touch-ups. My friends rag on me all the time because my bike always looks brand new.


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