2012+ Magnetic Drain Plug

Can anybody point me to a good Magnetic Oil Drain Plug for the 2012+ WR450? 


I cannot find anything that notes the size of the bolt.  Next time I change my oil I will take one of the 2 drain bolts (same size) to the hardware store to get it spec'd.  I've had good luck with my Moose ones in the steel frame WRs.






generic pic of a magnetic drain plug to spice up the thread... thank you in advance for any input / replies!


I had bought one off of e-bay from China that was nice (and said it would fit), however it was the wrong size (m10).  I then asked the seller if he had one that was "M8x1.25x16.6," which seems like an odd size.  He said he had one that is "M8x1.25x20" which I thought might be a little long.

You guys might want to be cautious of the China drain bolts.

I had one in my sons WR450 and it broke in half and luckily I got it out with a pick.

I believe Zip Ty products has a 6061 aluminuim one.

Zip Ty sells two M8 x 1.25 bolts.  I assume it's a 1.25 pitch?  Both oil drain bolts are the same size on the bike. 



M8 x 1.25 x 12mm - this one is for the "YZF, RMZ, and quads"



M8 x 1.25 x 20mm - this one is for some CRF models





I don't know if the bike calls for the 12mm or 20mm length..?

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