Tech question

So I have a question.

I have a yz 450f and during a ride today the bike looses all power, I immediately pulled the clutch in and the engine stalls out.

I stripped the top end off and noticed the intake cam is pretty rough where it rides on the journals. I strip the cams out and where the cams sit it looks like it melted the journal on the head.

So my question is can I have the head repaired or am I screwed?

Also I'm taking the case apart to replace shift forks and possibly damaged gears?

So if you have any tips on what to replace while I'm in there and what can be reused such as the crank and piston ect let me know please!

Does anybody know where I can find a used 04 yz450f head? I checked eBay, just googled it, Craigslist, ect

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