08 yz450f

I have a 08 yz450. I just had it rebuilt. Ran great for about 2 trips then out of nowhere I am just sitting with the bike running in neutral and it falls on it's face. Then I kicked it 2 times bike started right back up then after about 100 yards shut back off.

I can start it up but it only runs for about 3-4 seconds

Please help. I have a huge trip to Hatfield and McCoy tomorrow.

Sounds like some sort of fuel supply issue. Check your petcock for flow, but most likely you will need to pull your carburetor and make sure your float is operating correctly and all your jets and passageways are clear.

Test the stator.  There were issues in '07-'08 with some of them.  If the resistance tests show OK, warm the bike up a bit (if possible) and re-test.  Also try rapping on the outside of the stator cover with a block of wood to see if it changes the readings.

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