Verifying Honda / Yamaha brake setup

A few years back I bought a 2005 CRF250 front brake setup with hopes up replacing / upgrading the crusty mess on my 1992 WR250.  No joy, the old machine's brake mounts don't match the modern YZs, so the caliper went on the shelf.


Fast forward to today and I have a nice set of 2009 YZ450 forks that will soon be mated to the antique.  A quick eyeball test says the Honda brake I have is on a bracket that matches the mounting lugs on the YZ forks.


I don't remember if I bought a Yamaha caliper bracket at the time or not.  How do I ID if it's a Honda or Yamaha caliper bracket?  My plan is to get a 320mm rotor, if my understanding is correct I should order a YZ oversized rotor bracket and the Honda caliper will bolt up but I want to have a touch higher confidence in that hunch if possible before throwing down cash.

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