cracked float bowl

i was cleaning my carb on my 98 wr400 and when screwing the float bowl back on i guess i tightened it too tight or something and it cracked now it leaks everywhere the only place i can ind that sels a new one is a racing one for 200$ and for that price id rather buy a new carb just wondering if you guys had any sugjestions as to what to get and the cheaper the better im a broke college kid 

Probably worth checking on flea bay for a used one. Unless someone here has a take off one they are not using to help you out.

I think I have a spare but it's from a 07' 450.

That's gonna be a tough one, being so old and not a current FCR model.


E bay


I don't think the CR/MX version will fit your slant-style FCR, but if does I have extras

JB Weld it for a cheeeep fix.

Yeah its a but different than the newer ones I wish it wasn't because I seen a few of those for a good price I put some sealer on it to try for a

temporary fix do you know if a newer style wr carb or other carb would fit on my bike

+1 on the JB weld. That stuff is amazing.


 Screws do not need to be near that tight, especially on carbs and other castings, like brake master and slave cylinders.

Yeah I think it was that something wasn't sitting rite because the case wasn't touching when it cracked

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