Front Sprocket Question

I am looking to get a new 13 tooth front sprocket, but have heard that if you buy one new sprocket and put it on it can seriously shorted the life of your chain. I have a friend that has an 13 tooth Answer front sprocket for sale, but don't want to have to buy a new chain in a month as well. Should I get the sprocket or just buy a new sprocket chain combo from somewhere?


In my experience........correct me if I am wrong guys.....

It is quite the opposite.

If the sprocket is new and the chain is old , the sprocket will where to be equal with the chain only in an accelerated time frame.

This is because the chain has been stretched already and does not fit the sprocket. Thus it will wear the sprocket.

I keep 3 diff front sprockets in my tool box so I can switch quickly for changing riding conditions. It is much cheaper than changing the rear sprocket and I surely cannot afford a whole rear wheel setup for quick changes. So the 3 for 30bucks sure makes sense to me!


it wont hurt the chain..i go through 3 or more sprockets to 1 o-ring chain..if i had to replace my chain each time my front sprocket wore out then i couldnt afford any goodies for my bike :):D

I'm in the same boat

3 front sprockets in the toolbox, 13,14 15 teeth, to match riding condition

don't worry, if your chain is stretched a bit the front sprocket will wear fast enough to match the chain without hurting the chain.

but to put a brand new expensive X-ring chain over worn front sprocket will hurt your chain too fast to make sense when considering front sprocket price vs chain price.

Don't let your front sprocket(s) wear out too much and let's go

My 2 cents


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