what carbs will work on my bike

i have a 98 wr400 and need a new carb curious what carb will work like can any carb that 39mm work?

Okay awesome thank you

Any FCR carb 39 - 41 mm

40 or 41mm would be best

WR450 (all years))

CRF450 (all)

KX450 (all)

RMZ450 (all)

MXC 400 and up

SXF 450 (all)

EXC450 (all)

Stay away from the 'slant' style FCR

I bet if you looked on ebay right now there would be at least 6 available.


Do you know if I can use a yfz450 carb on my bike it has a thumb throttle but I feel like I could hook my throttle wires on it


Hey curious I got a carb from a 06 crf450 how do I get the hot start to work on to work there two different styles

You need the hot start from the carb you bought.

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