VMC practice Fri. 2-15

Going to go practice at VMC Friday 2-15. Any TT'ers are welcome to join me.



Glad you posted. Me and a couple buddies are thinking of places to ride this weekend and were tossing around VMC and I think Ive seen you post that you go there frequently. How does this compare to the other local tracks like Sunrise, Gorman, Elsinore, and Glen Helen ? :)

Knock out that big double for me will ya?

Have fun, I'll be thinking about how great it must be while I'm toiling away at work.


It is less techical that Sunrise, not as fast as Glen Helen (and no ruts), close to Gorman (speed wise) but dirt is more sandy and have not been to Elsinore. It is a fun track and usually stays in decent shape throughout the day. The jumps are safe for us but the fast guys can clear all of them.


I'll be thinking about you working while I'm doing heel clickers over the big double.....or....is that hitting the ejection button over the big double!!!!


Where exactly is VMC? I live in Murrieta and normally go to Elsinore. I've been to Comp Park and I'm not to excited about that place. I'd like to ride some other tracks. I know there's a track by Lake Perris but it's never open.


VMC is in Victorville. Check out proride. Phil has info on all of the So. Cal. tracks, photos and maps. This is a great site. http://www.proride.com


So how was it?


It was great, wet, and well groomed. The track was changed a bit in the back section. I did do the front double and I did think about you working and I did not hit the ejection button!!! I also did the big double before the whoop section. You would have enjoyed it.


Thanks for coming up and riding with us. It was nice to meet you and finally put a name with a face. We'll have to get together again soon.

---I rode way to long and I am in total body agony. I can hardly hold a pencil!!! Can't wait until next time!! :)


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Sounds great. Starting next weekend my schedule will free up considerably. We WILL have to hook up and ride soon.

Also, what is the scoop on the GH national? Are we still good and have you heard about tickets yet?

Leeme know.



Sounds great. Would be cool for you to come back down this way to ride. I'm still working weekends but I should know in about a week if I'm gonna get to weasel my way into a weekends off shift. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

My sponsor shop usually sells tickets for the National. I have not talked to them yet about it but will be there next week to pick up some things. I'll find out for sure and let you know. We are still on no matter what.

I tried a Bridgestone M59 front yesterday (at the suggestion of the shop) and I have to honestly say, it hooked up as good or better than a Dunlop 755. I am anxious to see how it works as it starts to wear. The 755's hook up good even when worn so I'll have to see about the M59. So far, so good but only one ride with about three hours of track time.

Keep in touch, Ernie


Roger that.


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