New Knee Brace

Hey Mark, you must be some kind of magicion since Asterisk doesn't sell in the UK, but I'm sure your friends at at DJ told you that already huh! They must not sell SPAM at your local store in the UK either, nice try though, I'll be sure to cut and paste my response in the Honda/DRZ/520 forum just like you did.

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They look nice but how much are they?


dan i paid £399 for them

and billywho are you stalking me,,or maybe a sponsored asterisk wearing,,,either way maybe get your facts right?

haha billywho just checked your profile

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ok let annalize this

1); so you register yesterday? [following my post about my new braces it seems]

2); you have 4 posts? ,,each given the same response to me 4 times ,,,each time trying to cast doubt on my HONEST OBJECTIVE oppinion on DonJoy braces i purchased, with my own money,,,after owning asterisk knee braces,,,,,,,,,interesting that

3); your location is foothill Ranch?,,,remind me again where ''asterisk'' is based?

4); your occupation is wait for it,,,design engineer,,,,so would it be a fair assumtion the asterisk is your baby huh

5) and your homepage,,,,, ''''

,,,,,,,,i guess this would explain your ranting and lack of objectivity , though you should ask your marketing department which international markets they supply

seems a CHEAP ploy to me

and in closing,,,,

''1 pair of second hand asterisk knee braces for sale,,,CHEAP''


Good show on defending yourself :)

I went to DJ's site and their braces look nicely built. So, you paid 399 in the UK, but what would that be here in the US approx?

My knees need all the "support" they can get and at the right price!

thanks thumpsalad,,, just goes to show you shouldnt always believe the hype!


it would be about $600 if it was a str8 conversion

however from past experiance on imported american goods

$1 = £1

so id GUESS you might pay hmmmm $350 - $400


I forgot to ask you...Is that for a pair? I assumed it was, but wanted to be sure.

Thanks for the info!

How's the riding in the UK?


sadly no,

would u believe i paid nearly £800 for the pair [ouch]

so i guess you'd pay maybe $700 - $800

mind you i tried a friends first who brought one for skiiing,,

its a hell of a lot of money for something which if it works you will never be able to measure the results,, but i enjoy riding my yzf too much to have to stop thro popped knees.

i race enduro's and 3 to 4 hour long hare and hounds, GNCC type events over here, at the moment the ridding is very very wet and muddy [ as it is in the summer too ]

in fact i broke my clavical badly last august [summer time] thro hitting a deep bog/swamp patch at full speed

man u dont wanna get tangled up with the yam as u go over the bars,

im now looking at getting a ktm520 and fitting an electric start kit :)

Mark, I made no attempt to hide where I work or what I do in my profile, it would be an easy thing to hide if that was what I was after. The only reason I responded to you was the fact that you said, or I got the impression, (which you backed up by saying so)you purchased our braces in the UK. There is NO WAY stress NO WAY that you got them at a local dealer in the UK, unless it was on some sort of black market that this company is not aware of. I know for a FACT we only ship in the US and starting a little over a month ago Australia. Now that's not to say you can't get a friend in the US or aus. to ship them to you in the UK, or make specific arrangements with Brad here, but buy them at a shop there..not possible. I helped start this company and am involved with every aspect of it including marketing. If you did purchase them at a local dealership, I would like you to send me an e-mail of who, so we can find out how they got them.

I've been on this board for just under a year almost every day, not posting, just reading alot since I just switched to four strokes this past year, there is a lot of great stuff on here, but I just prefer to observe, so I was well aware of the fact that my 4 posts would show up.

I am heavily involved in another web site, and we get spam all the time, even if it is a hint of spam it gets cut, I know it's not my job here to weed out the spam, but when I saw your post it bothered me because you brought up the fact that you purchased OUR braces over there, that's the only beef I have with the whole thing, because it was not truthful. But like I said if somehow you did, that dealer is pulling some under cover import deal that we will stop if we find out who it is. We are in the process of setting all of Europe up right now and if we find out who they are, they are not going to be a part of it.

I have 100% confidence in our product, and I totally encourage people to look at all the braces out there and make their own decision based on the facts, quality, and personal preference.

If I'm wrong about my impression of you or what you were doing, I honestly appologize, if I'm right I don't, it's as simple as that.

ps I cut and paste because I type too slow :)

I'm done if you are


nuff said

apology accepted

Good show, guys. You know if you had this conversation in person it probably would have never happened like know how e-mail can never really send the "feel" of a discussion, but at least you resolved it.

I would love to try out EITHER knee brace. Hell anything to keep my knees from blowing out. I have a bad ankle, too. God, I am a walking wreck!

i also did my ankle when i fractured my clavical

have you seen the new sidi boots with hinged ankles,,,like knee braces for your feet,,, i think that will be my next buy

[and no i dont work for sidi]

Yeah, the Sidi boot are really nice. I tried a pair on last month and they fit my feet better than a pair of Tech 8's. I have big feet so the Sidi's just felt better and that hinged ankle is a nice component, too. If I had those AND a knee brace it would be like an exoskeleton for me to wear...I need so much gear just to hold me together! :) hehe

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