Advantages/drawbacks to making your bike street legal.

Just wondering what the advantages/drawbacks to making your WR street legal are.

If you made a dirt bike street legal did you simply love it or were there drawbacks that made you give it a second look?

I'm asking because I have a Tusk street legal kit sitting in front of me for my '14 WR450F and I'm having a bit of anxiety over it. It's some coin to waste if I don't like it. I'm going to do it because it's something I've never done, just wondering what everyone's take on it is after doing it.

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Drawbacks = 0

My 08 has been legal for years. Love it. Only drawback is breaking things when I wad it up. That pretty much applies to anything though.

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I have a wr400 I love it so much I have since put supermoto tires on it and have a extra set of dirt tires

I've made 3 bikes street legal, 2 of them WRs.  No regrets.  Ride it out of town to the trails.  Get a few stares when I pass a car on the highway, get thumbs up when I ride back covered in mud.  You're not making it into a street bike, it becomes a plated dirt bike.  A little more stuff to break if you go down.  Knobbies wear quickly on pavement, expect to replace the rear every season.  A plated bike sells much easier, at least here.  

Wr450 09 with a plate I m telling you if you do organiced dualsport riding is the best thing that I have done love it without that plate imposible

There are no drawbacks other than paying extra for registration, plates and whatnot. Since I have a street legal 2012 Im definitely planning on buying a supermoto setup while Im at it!

TIRES: they don't last

TICKETS: the tempation to wheelie is overwhelming

TIME: I find for me that  the 'local' trials are just not long enough, and I still have to truck my bike out to  the good stuff

Thanks guys. I appreciate it.  What about the fact that the bike doesn't have the cush drive set-up in the rear hub?  I read something about the tranny not holding up well on the street without it.  Is that true?     

Thanks guys. I appreciate it.  What about the fact that the bike doesn't have the cush drive set-up in the rear hub?  I read something about the tranny not holding up well on the street without it.  Is that true?

I don't think you need a cush drive on a WR450.

My Supermoto bike doesn't have it and it's ridden way harder than a dirt bike on the street with lots of rubber on the ground.

I think the whole thing about cush drives being needed is just a rumor. Can anyone actually find an example of a tranny getting trashed ?

All bikes have cush clutches (accept the freaky Euro brands) , so a cush hub is not necessary

Sweet!  Thanks guys.  Now I can relax.  I'm gonna dual sport it for about a year or so and then give the super-moto thing a try next.  This is gonna be fun!

It certainy increases the value of the bike as it makes it more desirable. As for the cush hub, I have no evidence that the cush hub helps zave the tranny but the boys down under with more WR experience recommend it for that reason. and it positively made my bike smoother on the pavement, especially in higher gears and with lower RPMs. VERY noticeable.  

I would hate myself for pounding my tires on any pavement.  I like my knobbies.  Just my .02

The street legal WR450's in New Zeland come from the factory with a regular rear hub as far as I know.

Plated a few dirt bikes. then I found that for me, the dirt bike was really only used offroad. So in essence I was paying more for registration every year for something that I rarely used. I trailer to where we ride, and we stay for days versus "day trips". Bikes are still titled, and if I really want to put a plate and all the other stuff on again (blinkers, multi switch, mirror, etc) I can always do it just have to pay the late fees which are $100 bucks. Some places we ride, the local LEO could care less if you are plated or not, so long as you're not speeding, doing wheelies, etc. We sometimes slab it for short distances to tie together trail heads.

In CA it really helps to connect trails to roads and makes for great loop options. Camping off a dirt bike is also dreamy.

It can help us get around the green sticker/ red sticker problem too. For example a red sticker WR 2003/04 with a plate can be ridden year round but without it it is only in red sticker season. You can also use a sumo on pavement without taking it to the track. You spend more on insurance and registration but is well worth it to me. I'm on my 3rd plated dirt bike.

Zero Drawbacks... I have a WR450 and WR250 plated.. Had a DRZ, sold it to buy the 250..

I think it will be a good move for me as I have trouble with being able to travel on fire roads, plate required, then onto green dot trails.  With this set-up I can go ANYWHERE!




PS: I'm pretty sure a larger tank in is my near future too.

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