Clutch problems

Possible adjustment ??

I have a 2008 yz450 f. Have had the bike for a year now and have noticed it does not have as much power as it should. After riding my buddy's 04 crf 450 I now feel like my bike is lacking alot of power. We opened it up to shim the valves and all were within the tollerence. I noticed the other day that it almost feels like it slips but only in certain gears. It's hard for me to explan... I was hoping someone could give me some insight in to what to check or look for. Is it possible it could just use a adjustment ? Could the clutch be going bad ? Or do the crf450s have more and better power displacement ? Any help would be awsome thanks !


Puff puff pass

My clutch was just flat out worn out. Buy a bike specific clutch and springs. Make sure your clutch cable is inside it's little shield up top

Its an 08, probably time for a top end.  That's most likely where your power has gone.  And, yes, a clutch too.

If it's a stock '08, buy a CDI from either an '06 or an '09 and plug that in.  Then get ANY kind of exhaust system for it other than the stock "shorty" muffler.  Your power complaints will disappear.

Has 205 for hours only puffs a tiny bit of blue when started and maybe when wromped on really quick , power bomb header then a aftermarket muffler but I don't know what kind is on it, just know it's not stock... what you guys think ?

Then replace the CDI with one of those I listed.

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