Walmart ATV seat cushion on a 2012 wr450f

I am quite bored, new to the forum and wish the snow would melt so I can go ride.


So here is a quick seat mod that anyone can do. I realize this product is all over other forums but I dont think anyone has done a DIY for a wr450f. The  cover creates a nice rounder, wider, plush seat as opposed to angular 2x4 plank yamaha yamaha provides. Make sure you pull the cushion fairly far back as there isnt much clearance between the bike and the seat pan towards the front of the bike. I tied the excess straps together so they dont dangle out but in the future I will probably cut them.              The pad does at some height to the seat but unless you are on the tips of your toes to begin with its worth a try.


20 bucks via Amazon Prime! Here is the link  followed by some pictures







Edited by hootie233

That thing is going to shift all over

I was worried about that too but those straps are on pretty tight and after air 100 miles I haven't had to adjust it yet

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