Hebo Clutch need to buy

You may wanna try contacting a Gas Gas dealer since Hebo makes the hydraulic clutches for Gas Gas bikes. I got mine from E-rider.


Jim at Smackover sells GG and Hebo, he is here:


They also have a forum you might post your question there and get a better answer. I picked up a new TXT280 Gas Gas last night and rode it a little this evening. It has the Hebo clutch stock and I can tell you I've never felt a sweeter clutch. Then again I've been riding my '00 426 for two years so I'm comparing it to the worst clutch ever built.

I got mine at E-Rider. You can e-mail them at ktm413@hotmail.com

I ordered from e-rider on 2/6, it came in the mail today. $189.00 for the YZ.

It seems these are on some kind of national backorder. Anyone know a stocking dealer that has Hebo for sale?

YZ400court or Scott do you have a phone # to E-Rider? Thanks

Never mind I found it. thanks for the erider info.

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