Wrf 450 water pump seal leak

Hi, I'm after opinions on wether I should do a planned trail ride tomorrow (it's a tough one) as my 08 wrf 450 has just started dribbling from the little port under the water pump.....I'm happy to repair myself but parts are on order and will not be here by tomorrow!!

Should I ride my bike?? It dribbles a little when started from cold and seems to stop once warmed up, but could it let go altogether and over heat / seize the bike!!

All good . go ride and fix later .

they will leak at start up and then stop when warm for quite a while

you are safe to go riding til you fix it


Mines been leaking all this year but I haven't got round to fixing it (again) yet, as it doesn't seem to like sitting over the winter

This is the third year in a row where its leaked after getting out from winter storage, but was fine when I put it away at the start of winter

Cheers Guy ,,, yep I wintered mine this yr so must be it.....will go & enjoy her thanks...

The seal can decide to leak any way it will, pretty much at will, so don't depend on its behavior staying the same.  If you ride it with this flaw, check the coolant level frequently.  There's barely two pints of it to begin with.

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