cam chain pitch changed? with what model year?

Hear the rumor that the cam chain pitch changed so that one should be careful which YZ-cam he sticks into his WR.


With what model year did WR resp. YZ use a different cam chain pitch?



My plan is to buy a '06 YZ450F cam and put it into my '12 WR450F.



edit: case closed. the cam chain is identical between '12 WR450F and '06 YZ450F, hence the sprockets must be interchangable.




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No such rumors. A hot cam works from 03-13 WR450. Cam chains are the same.

The issue you may have is with the decompression pin. Rumor has it you can grind it down a millimeter to make it start friendlier with your electric starter when cold.

Actually, the cam chain pitch DID change with the change in displacement from 426 to 450.  2003 to ?? model year cams from a 450 do fit in a 426, but the gear pitch is different. 


So, only half a rumor :).

The 400's used the chain width like the 250 I put a 450 exhaust in a 400 ( to get the auto decompress) and used a 250 sprocket worked like a charm. I've put the yz exhaust in a couple of WRs with the pin as is and they e- start with no issues FYI ,

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