fixing a bent header?

Dear Thumpertalkers,

I creased my header about 1 month ago due to a crash, and I am wondering if anyone has tried to bend theirs back to normal? My header is a White Bros high boy stainless! It is creased right underneath the radiator (about 2-3 inches from the exhaust port)!

I was thinking about cutting the header right in the middle where the crease is, then re bend it back to a circular shape, and then reweld the 2 pieces back together? Would this work w/o exhaust leaking? Have any of you guys done this?

It seems like every time I have a "pretty good crash" the header always creases in the same spot! Have you noticed this too? I am getting tired of buying new headers, since the companies "hose" you for $150 for each one (which is highly overpriced...they cant be as hard to produce as 2 stroke pipes, I mean come on) I would appreciate any comments you guys have! Thanks,



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Try any exhaust/muffler shop that does lots of high-perf and custom automotive stuff. Those guys can probably fix it better than anybody,the hard part finding someone that is sympathetic to your situation and is willing to do the job.Good luck.


Depending on how bad the crease is, we sometimes block off both ends of the pipe make sure its an air tight seal ( usually by brazing plates at each end ) the we fit a steel tubeless tyre valve in the plate at the furthest end from the crease. then we pump air into the sealed pipe while heating the creased area. Be very carefull not to apply heat in a small area as this can blow a hole in the pipe. Also don't use too much pressure 5-10 psi should be enough depending on the wall thickness

Good Luck !


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You can try to "shrink" the metal back if it is dented.You can do this by heating up the dent with a torch, and wiping it with a wet rag. Keep doing this and you will see that the dent will shrink back. Sometimes it will wrinkle the metal, which is kind of ugly, but it works well.


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