WB E-series Quiet Core insert?

Anybody got one of these yet? My bike hits the meter around 105db. WAY too loud. A fellow TT'er sent email informing me that WB makes an insert that'll lower the output by 4-5db and it's $38. I called WB and asked, and they verified the previous email and claimed no loss of power. I then read on the twofitty board that some similar inserts were nowhere close on the "loss of power" issue, choking the bike down to almost unuseable power.

Thanks in advance for sharing an experiences,



I'm currently running a White Bros. E-Series muff/sparky. Stock it was wayyyyyyy too loud. I'm now down to 5 disks and at least it's semi tolerable, but still too loud, IMHO. I'm planning on going to 4 discs.

I was down at the Dirt Rider Mag 24-hour test thing a couple weeks ago and talked to Tom White about this. He said that the insert really quiets it down, w/out losing power, so I plan on getting one. My goal is to get the exhorbitantly loud 426 below ISDE Qualifier limits of 94db and I believe the insert will do that. I'll post results once I get it.


I purchased a WB quiet core for the E-series on my WR400 a couple of years ago. It definitely quieted it down but it also took away some power.


This is exactly the feedback I'd like to hear.

I'm running 7 disks and thats definitely a contributor to the noise but at 7000' ASL I need to pump all the air through the motor that I can. We're 20% down as it is...

Please let me know your results....


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