WR400 and 96dB

Has anyone tested a '00 WR400F with a FMF Q silencer, and power bomb header to see if it meets the 96dB requirement. Also does anyone know what type of measurement devices are acceptable for AMA events, or BLM check points. I know you can get sound meters from many places but I am not sure if there is a specific requirement for the measurement device.


I don't know how the testing is done in your state, but here in CA my WR400 would not meet 96db with the power bomb and Q. Back to stock for now. Most of my problem is as I improved jetting, noise also increased. Good luck

Passed at 95.9 with a SX powerbomb and Q in CA several times now.

I know this does not show if a powerbomb header was used or not, but Kawidual posted this link in the General forum, I found it useful.

You can look at what the different WR's tested at with what pipes. FMF Q numbers are shown, so I will post the URL here:


Dan, that is a great resource. It fits with what I was told by the Rangers/Testers at Hollister. For aftermarket exhaust they said that Qs passt about 75% of the time, with others (including end caps) about 50% or less. I called them before I bought my Q. Great to knwo they are posting this kind of data. :)

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