Any Street bike racers out there

I keep getting asked "why do you race Motocross at your age (40) Are you trying to get hurt or killed? Why do you not race street bikes?" Well, I found this link today & it visualizes exactly why I do not ride or race street bikes. Although, I respect those that do & they have bigger kahunas

than me!


I raced a ZX7R superbike for almost five years. I raced at daytona, etc.. It is very exciting and very dangerous. I wouldnt give up the time i did it, but I also hurt myself a lot, have some hardware as momentos. I like riding my 426 just as much and it is cheaper, easier, less travel, and I am not on crutches every six months (well sometimes :) . That crash of Scott Russell's was one of the worst crashes I have seen, however I did see a few people get killed while I raced, just not so graphically filmed like that. Scott, I believe is recovering well, but I dont think he can race again. I have met him before, I wish him great luck.

-- Charles

OUCH, That was horrible to watch. I watched Bradshaw break himself all up on Speedvision last week, that was bad enough. The Daytona crash was the scariest thing I've ever seen.

ne vid of it?

Originally posted by BK14MX:

OUCH, That was horrible to watch. I watched Bradshaw break himself all up on Speedvision last week, that was bad enough. The Daytona crash was the scariest thing I've ever seen.

What happened to Bradshaw, I missed it?

How could anyone live through that? Holly S&^%!

It was an amazing crash... I have seen a lot of crashes from stalled bikes on the starting grid. Especially at daytona, we would start in two waves of 40 bikes each. By the time the bike in the back gets to the front row of the grid it is scratching 100mph. Like I said, fun, fun !!! Anyway, if you are interested in how Scott is doing you can go to His signature logo was a screaming chief with a head dress.



I have been roadracing since 1993 and haven't been able to quit since.

I ride MX and trails to keep fit and to keep my skills up. I have raced MX and CC a little but not serious. I may be more serious about it if my son starts racing. But he is only 3 1/2.


What contingency do you race with? I primarily raced with CCS and a little WERA southeast regions. You don't by chance own a YSR50 do you, we call them weezers. Saw your name, had to ask :) .

-- Charles

Originally posted by zx7king:


What contingency do you race with?

-- Charles

I think you mean club.

Contingency is money paid for placing while using a certain product etc..

I race with CCS and WERA here in Texas.

I started out on YSRs.....and yes....that is why my name is Weezer....I was a multi-year YSR champ.

Nothing to brag about but the Haydens and Colin Edwards both started out on YSRs in our club.

I race a Honda RS125 and RS250 now....2 strokers and a Honda 929 in endurance.


That is AWESOME !! I always wanted to get on a tz250 but never got the chance. The 929 endurance must be fun also. My race partner and I almost tried the daytona 200, but as you know that is tough for privateers. I have a ysr50 but never get a chance to race it. There are a couple of clubs here and i have raced with them, but lost touch. Now it is all 426 for me. It is nice to meet someone that keeps with it... like i said, i raced for about 5 years with all of my friends and they all gradually got out of it so it faded away. In fact, I just sold my superbike to a guy from missouri on ebay. It was a very sad day to see that roll out of the garagemahal.

Anyway, I am rambling..

Good Luck,



Dude....go and race that YSR. You will have so much fun you will be laughing in your helmet and kicking yourself in the ass at the same time for not racing it earlier!!!!! It is too much fun and cheap too.

Maybe you should just sell me your YSR then???

I plan on racing at VIR in May. Maybe you should come and watch.

Charles you need to experience a two stroke roadracer. When I was racing in Japan and riding ZX-7Rs I always played on my TZR-250s and NSR-250s. If I could have gotten them back into the states without much grief I would still have them. Besides there is something exciting about dragging your helmet, shoulders and complete leg with you have the YSR leaned over, only thing that stuck was at the time X-8s weren't cheap. LOL

Scott is right.....a 2-stroker that is made to race and race only is awesome on the track. I would take one over a 4-banger sled anyday.

I just hope they don't make mine extinct in the up and coming years.

If they do, I will just have to transplant my 426 in my RS250 chassis......that would be a thumper that would haul ass. sa-weeet!!!

They might especially if the 4-strokes do as well as they look currently in the World GP series. I am personally a Superbike man as they are my first love. But the two strokes were fun, and they taught me so much about being fluid and flowing on the bike. And there sound just makes your heartbeat rise. Dry Clutch, Two Stroke Sound, and a cool morning. LOL

Hey guys,

Agreed, I would love to take a two stroke racer for a spin. I have raced my weezer, what a blast. After racing 150mph+ and then jumping on a weezer, it is so much fun. My friend and I were elbowing each other, hehe. I also am a superbike fan. It will be neat to see the four-strokes in the GP though. Hey scott, my superbike was a 92 zx7r. Man I loved that bike.. I liked how it was nice and narrow compared to the 93+ years. It was a fun bike, 135hp+. Very sad to see it go :) . I did, however do a superman handstand into a huge puddle on my 426 yesterday, so I am still crashing like the old days :D .



hey HOKIE,

Sorry for the delayed reply, had some technical difficulties with the computer. Bradshaw may not be coming back. He broke his Tibia and Fibia, and some other things as well a few weeks ago. His right leg caught a tuffblock right before a triple, he went airborn in the "kiss of death" pose, and bailed, came up short landing leg first, snap. It was really bad.

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