03 YZ450F loosing coolant from over flow line.

Hey guys need help here just got my first YZ450 and its a deadly bike! But i just came across my coolant running out of my over flow line every time i smash the throttle. I checked it and i could see the inner cores so i added some took another ride and sure enough i lost what i put back in. Seems fine at first warm up but with in the first 3 minutes of my ride it leaves like a 20ft trail of coolant on the road! When i first got the bike the oil was grey.. I did like 5 oil flushes got my color back. I drained a bit of oil today and its dark shitty green.. But no signs of water? This normal and as for my coolant leak is that my head gasket gone?? Hope its a reasonable fix!

Edited by Sawatzky01

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