1991 rm125 parts are scarce.

I'm new here but plenty of Google searches have answered my questions by leading me here over the last 2 years of tinkering on my 125. The bike was bored out to 144cc by Eric Gorr.

Anyway, there's a few things I need to locate for the bike. Big one is the clutch basket. Aftermarket is nonexistent. It's not grooved and never been ground or filed but the tip of one of the fingers snapped off due to my stupidity while trying to get to the crank seal. For those curious, the whole side of the case has to come off just to pull the basket. Now I know.

What I'm really curious about is if the clutch assembly could be swapped with something a little more modern. This way parts are a little more feasible to replace later on. As long as the shaft diameter is the same it should be doable, right? Even friction plates are hard to find.

I'm also in the market for a non-fatty header pipe. It's not recommended by Eric for the 144.

I dug around and couldn't find any aftermarkets or info on other baskets that fit.


I think you might have to go OEM.

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