XR250R Stock exhaust with baffle removed dB rating?

I have a stock 1998 xr250r with the baffle and snorkel removed. It also has a uni aftermarket filter. I would really like to race the bike in an upcoming 85 mile enduro but it has to be under 98 dB to be used in the race. Does anyone have experience/knowledge pertaining to this? I only know it must be below 98 decibel;s, not sure what distance. It is in WA. Thanks!

Not gonna pass.

I agree, It's gonna be too loud. I think it's at like 20" behind at a 45* angle or somethihng like that.

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Yep, its too loud.  I am currently running my 03 that way, it is annoyingly loud.  As soon as I can find a good solution to quieting it that doesn't cost a fortune and hurt performance I'm going that way.  (The stock baffle is too restrictive and mine disappeared years ago)

I put an xr400 baffle in mine,it is a little louder,but not much,and runs better! Hole in center is twice as big as xr250 baffle.

Alright thanks for the advice guys. I had a feeling that it wouldn't make it. Luckily I have a stock 2004 crf230f that I will be using instead (stock baffle). So I still should be able to use that (Although I much prefer the cartridge forks and rear disc brake of the xr)

Put an insert back in the muffler and you should be OK, even with the snorkel out.

An FMF Q4 slip on should also get you under 98db.

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Engines Only makes a replacement cap for XR's, Powering. They work great. www.xr100.com

Call and talk to Frank.

Mine must have the insides removed, it's stupid loud and almost sounds like a 2 stroke

Mine must have the insides removed, it's stupid loud and almost sounds like a 2 stroke

Mine is stupid loud as well. Ironically I find that whenever I am racing I wish I had a louder exhaust (which is not allowed) while whenever I'm cruising/street riding I wish my exhaust was much quieter.  

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