Am I on to something?

Now I haven't done exhausting research but I'm hoping some of you vets can shed some light for my inexperienced self and others. I currently am doing a slight overhaul and my clutch basket/inner hub are slightly worn, not bad. But there is a distinct buzzing or grinding coming from my clutch when it first engages which I've seen some baskets and it's not even close to half as bad as theirs..

Now on to my point. People say that the notching that occurs from the fiber plates is inevitable because that's normal wear and that kind of thing just happens. Well I stumbled on to rekluses website and I new light , clicked on, the cushions behind your basket absorb the pressure from your plates so they don't cause pressure or friction on the basket and that is when the notching starts to occur.

I did a quick google and I know Hinson is pretty prone to it but I found a set of cushions for $40 I'm sure through Rocky Mountain and Motorsport oem part finders you can buy a set of cushions and in theory no notching? That sounds a lot cheaper than a new basket and something that can be added to a preventative maintenance list..

Ps. This write up took me as long to type as the amount of googling so go easy, just had a light bulb and was curious of what everyone else thought??

The bikes I have seen with bad notching are the ones that got bad maintenance meaning in this case infrequent trans oil changes.

I have had more than one streetbike with basket cushions, judder springs, back torque limiter and cush drive (everything possible to cushion the drive) that still had a notched basket.

On the flip side, I have always been a clutch abuser but I change my oils often. No notching.


Yeah I've owned a handful of bikes and I'm not easy on them, but I do treat them well and this one I recently acquired is the first one I've noticed to have any sort of notching.. It's a new topic to me! But I did a little more research and stock baskets don't have/can't buy cushions so I guess that was a waste

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