Front caliper questions (DRZ vs. RMZ)

Hi all,


I'm in the proces of buying myself a 400 SM front fork (USD) for my 400 Kicker (with conventional front fork) with SM wheels.


My DRZ 400 kicker is currently equipped with SM wheels, a 320 mm front rotor and - off course - an adapter bracket to fit the stock caliper to the 320mm rotor. 


What 'challenges' will I encounter when fitting a 400 SM (upside down) front fork?


Things I can think of:

- DRZ SM and non-SM have the same caliper but different mounting brackets? Are they both 102mm (from 'hole to hole')?

- Stock DRZ SM has a 310mm rotor. So an adapter bracket is needed to fit the caliper to the 320mm rotor. To they even exist?


Does a (Suzuki) RMZ front caliper fit on either the upside down fork or the conventional fork? There is really nice used Braking 4-piston caliper for sale here, coming from a RMZ. 


Thank you!

If it helps any I have a Beringer caliper on RMZ forks on my DRZ and the caliper also bolts up to my E forks. The off set may be a little different though.

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