new intake valves not having clearance.

Hi all this is the first time i have used thumper talk and my crf450 is my first big bore bike i have pulled down.

i have a 2005 crf450 and when i bought it last year i checked my valve clearance and it was down to .035mm and the shim was 1.8mm on L intake and .10mm clearance on the R intake with a shim 1.9mm and the intake valves had a definate wear strip all the way around so i replaced all valves with stainless steel valves and new springs and retainers.when i put it back together i put my old shims back in to get a reading to know what shim i need to replace it with and the clearance reading was the same as when i had my old valves in.i am lost. is it my valve seats that are worn?

Yeah .. You need to recondition the Valve Seats along with the new valves etc .

Valves need to be tipped.

thanks for the reply but im not sure what tipping me valves means?

i was afraid it would be my valve seats.

looks like im stripping it down again.:(

thanks for the reply but im not sure what tipping me valves means?

With worn seats (or better, recut ones), the valves sit slightly deeper in the head. Tipping is machining a tiny bit (to compensate for the worn/cut seat) off of the top of the valve stem.

hell yea that sound like a seats still have plenty of thickness left. thanks heaps for that post.

If you need help Please feel free to give me a call. We can tip those valves for you as well. (661)256-7309

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