fix the airboot adapter for fcr carbs!

The airboot is just too small for the fcr carbs and risks developing air leaks.

I urge you all to fix it!

You'll need a heat gun, round tapered drinking glass, some oil, gloves.

Remove your air boot, heat the lip until it's extremely hot. Don your gloves, oil the bottom of the drinking glass and jam it in as far as you can. Let it cool on its own! Don't rush it because youll shrink the rubber back down to its original size if you cool it too fast. Remove glass after its nice and cool.

You'll need a new hose clamp, but wow it's worth it and you won't get angry installing your fcr anymore.

You're welcome.

I used to hate reinstalling the carb, but things got way easier when I unbolted the top of the subframe and pivoted it back and forth (keeping mind of the rear brake res. as well). 

No pics = :lame:


For my bike, it just seems like the boot needs to be a little longer. Fits over the head and carb no problem. But would be idea if it was 1/4" longer.

What are you talking about ??I never had that much trouble installing the stock SM airboot to my TT 39FCR-MX.Are you referring to the TT carb kit?

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