Dirt Bike Almost Fixed!

So my Yamaha has had some spoke problems... So we looked around and the minimum price for re-spiking is 200, which some of you guys can afford, but not me. So we're gonna try to do it ourselves just because it would be MUCH cheaper. And if all else fails we will eventually have to take it to the shop. I'll show a pic of my tire, and then I'll take a pic afterwards for you guys, it will either be really good, or really bad.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1430312518.900597.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1430312558.902304.jpg

You also need a new hub and sprocket.

From a lot of experience...start out by replacing one spoke at a time.


I agree on the new hub and especially a new rear sprocket...and I'd check the front sprocket out.


How do you plan on truing the wheel??



Your hub is toast. You can salvage the rim and sell on ebay or craigslist. Save yourself money, time and labor. Buy a good used wheel assembly off eBay or craigslist. Good prices can be had if you are patient and/or lucky. I have never had luck trying to replace spokes without complete disassembly of the wheel. There is just not enough room the fit the replacement spokes without damaging them in the process. Wheel building is not difficult, but you need a fixture to true the wheel and spoke wrenches capable of applying sufficient torque which is substantial. A proper assembly lube doesn't hurt either. I have used STP in a pinch.



Thank you all so much!

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