What was your first Thumper?

This is where we really show our age I guess, mine was a 1979 Yamaha TT 500. When I got out of the service I bought a XT 600. Currently I own a 2008 XR650. I love the BRP.  



Define thumper. I started out on a CT70. My first bike that really thumped was a 1984 TT600, that I bought in 1985. I don't have any of my own photos. But picture one of these that was bought new by a guy who tired a gun to it and used it for an avid years worth of hunting. The guns made some rub makes and countless branches had been at it. But it was only a years worth of that. I didn't care. The price was nice and I did nothing but ride a ton of woods with it and use it as a DP rig. That baby really made the rounds. Five of my buddies owned it at one time or another before I lost track of it. The last buddy that had it owned it when he died about three or four years ago. I don't know who got it after that.


Good engine. I think they still use it in a quad.




I have a BRP. Well sort of. 




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First 4t thumper was a 1984 XR500R like this one:




BTW, I sold my last street bike to buy the XR, traded this bike for the XR and a wad of cash:



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xr70, not really a thumper but my first bike.

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1986 XR80

it was a beast

You all are youngsters mine was a Honda S90 that had to be converted to a dirt bike.

You all are youngsters mine was a Honda S90 that had to be converted to a dirt bike.


Not a youngster, just rode 2ts for a long time. ;)

You all are youngsters mine was a Honda S90 that had to be converted to a dirt bike.

The CT70 I started out on had a billion hours of use, from new, and was actually stolen when it was so roached that you could barely ride the thing any more. There was nothing on that bike that wasn't bent. Some people will steal anything. The guy broke in to the garage and stole only the bike. A totally roached CT70.

Family's first was a 1987 Yamaha Moto 4 225cc. Been through hell and back and still starts first pull in the dead of winter with only half a pull of rope left on the recoil. It has never left us stranded and has done everything from pull logs, haul the whole family of 4 with luggage, roll down hills, survived two boys teenage years, and I found out it even floats with a 9 year old on it (thank you huge tires). I'm truly amazed at this machine and it should be in a hall of fame somewhere...like the Toyota pickup on Top Gear.

My first dirtbike thumper was and still is a 2002 YZ426F. It rips!



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Something like that.

First Thumper was a 2006 KTM 450sx. The engine blew up after 7 months. Thats when I went with a 300 2T. It was meant to be. Haven't looked back. :thumbsup:

Xr 80 then went to 150r then Ktm 250 and now yz 450. I'm a thumper for life

1979 xr80 ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1430325269.642273.jpg

Mine was a 70s Honda mini trail 50

CRF 50 for the win 


Yahmaha TTR 125 was mine now I have a honda cr 125


1970 Honda SL100



I didn't realize anyone was into thumpers before the 98 yz400f came out.

My 1st 4stk was 1971 CT-90 Trail 90-but I still have and still ride my first real thumper-my 1980 XR500 Honda.

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