Rekluse z start pro

Hi guys, just ordered my rekluse z start, whats the best set up for hare scramble ?


Hi guys, just ordered my rekluse z start, whats the best set up for hare scramble ?



I used to run the hard hit, and have the clutch start engaging just above idle speed so there is no delay.


I use the clutch lever when i use the rekluse so this setup works for me.   

I keep mine at high -hard all balls.

I've got the ZSP. I set it up the same as Shawn. Low RPM hard hit. Wouldn't have it any other way. I like to use the manual clutch lever too. But the ZSP gives me stall prevention and I like the super light manual lever. I also like the way it locks the clutch plates as the revs com come up. So it's real difficult to burn the clutch up.

Depends on the terrain you are riding. I ride a lot of technical rocky trash and the low rpm soft engagement works better for that imo. Doesn't spit the rocks or spin the rear wheel excessively without the need for manual clutch input. If you gear your bike high though like 14/46 you might go through clutches unless you have the wr first gear. I run 14/48 with the cr 1st gear without any excessive clutch wear issues but I have heard of others burning up clutches with that setting and high gearing.

Just my opinion though. Not hard to try different settings.

Don't forget to use a good oil, use a tad more than 750ml, and change it often with these settings. Lots of heat generated as well.

If you run the hard hit , clutch will last longer and still easy to control input with the throttle to not get wheel spin.


I use mine on a KX 450  which I did very technical riding. 


Always make sure you are in the right gear , if you run a gear higher you will labour the clutch and generate excessive heat and clutch wear 

I ran my old setup to engage at low rpm and lockup quick. It basically was stall prevention for when I got tired in a harescramble (which was pretty much 2 minutes after the start). I also used the override lever. 15/51 gearing, 150-ish hours on the plates when I sold it, ???? hours on top of that from the previous owner. Plates were still in spec when I parted the bike.

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