New Public Track Ideas/Suggestions/Guidance?

Hi All,

I recently got back into dirt-riding after a 15 year absence, and for the most part I've enjoyed it very much. However, I'm having a hard time finding a local track that is not only close by but also 'beginner-friendly'. Has anyone here built a public (or personal) track/riding area? I'm looking for some guidance through the pitfalls of: buying the land, building the track, setting-up the business, the liability, etc, and just the general likes and dislikes of your local tracks. Any ideas, sugestions are welcomed. Who knows? With a little help, maybe I can get this done and set-up a 'how to' package for anyone to use. IMHO, the more good tracks out there, the better it is for our sport as a whole. Thanks in advance, Max

P.S. This is a fantasticly informative site!

Howdy Max! :)

IMO, the toughest battle will be gubmint permits, zoning, land use ordinances, etc. Then there is insurance. Lease the land out in the middle of nowhere west Texas! JK, but you want to be far from whiners. If you do get to build something, make a modern MX/SX type track, and an old school mellow MX track. Good luck!

Kirtwell: Would you mind posting a general description of your experience? What was the straw that broke the camel's back that caused you to decide to close the track to the public?

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Hey Max,

I just spent a year doing exactly what you are wanting to do. I built a huge track in Southern Oklahoma and ended up closing it permanently last month to the public. I'm really bummed out.

I'd be more than happy to talk to you about it over the really need to know what you are getting yourself into with a MX track...

The liabilitis are huge and the cost to maintain a track is high as well....not to mention insurance and lawyer fees...ect...ect... Email me and we'll trade phone numbers.

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