So I Want CBR250R 5 Spoke Wheels on my DRZ...

But I can't find enough information online to take the plunge. I've searched hooligan mod etc.. and found some useful information but it's mostly for the three spoke wheels.

I know it's been done, anyone here done it? Mainly looking for a good source for cheapish used wheels and a general direction on spacers. The spacers/wheels I can have machined, I just want the process to go a little easier than me running in blind and possibly fubaring the whole project.

I found this pic from a forum (maybe even this one) and this bike is hands down he sexiest DRZ I've seen so far.


IIRC it's the older CBR250RR wheels that are commonly used for the hooligan mod.

Hooligan mod thread has nothing on CBR rims, but here is something you could use

And then refer to the hooligan mod thread for any kind of more general questions like measuring for spacers, rim widths, etc! Post up when you get it done! I have a set of gs500 rims sitting in my garage that I will be changing out the bearing and slapping on as soon as I get back from China in august. But I like the look of those and the mid 2000s zx multiple spoke rims and might do a second set and sell the gs500

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