Yamaha wr250f crank pin diameter

So my bike is 2002 Yamaha WR250F. 

The sprocket on my crankshaft was busted, so i ordered new crankshaft assembly and it didnt fit my bike.

So the story is: after some research on the internet i understood that previous owner had put in a 2003 or other year crankshaft assembly. 

The magneto is modified, the hole is drilled a little bit. Actually the 02 magneto fits for 2003 or other year crankshaft.

So i have a question: can i order a 2003 crankshaft assy for my bike? Will it fit ?

On the internet i found that 01 and 02 crankshaft pin diameter is 10mm and for 03+ crankshafts it was changed to 12mm, so is that what i need?  :(  

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