XT350 Indicator gremlins

I purchased a 98 XT350 three weeks ago as my first motorcycle. While mechanically sound I'm also using it as an opportunity to learn some basic maintenance/repair come the blistering hot Phoenix summer.


The first thing I did to the bike was replace the dead battery with a tiny 12V SLA battery. I swore that immediately after replacement the indicators operated correctly. However riding home from work yesterday (putting on ~50 miles since battery replacement) I noticed that the indicators aren't working correctly.


What I see is selecting left flashes Front Left and both Rear indicators, while the dash bulb does not illuminate. Selecting Right only the Rear Right indicator glows solid, and the dash bulb is also solid. Other note is that the previous owner replaced the Rear indicators with tiny LED signals. When I get home later today I'm first going to verify the bulb in the Front Right indicator (never illuminated), then I will pull the gas tank to look at the relay. Does anyone have any insight or pointers?


Also - I've never pulled the gas tank before (and naturally I filled it yesterday). Any thing to watch out for there? Thanks, and looking forward to joining this site.

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Ya, LEDs won't work with out some modification the the indicator

circuit. I had to use some diodes to separate the left and right

turn signal circuits and cut the wires to the indicator, ground one

side and connect other to center of diodes.

x2.  need a different flasher to run led signals.  oe will only do incandescent bulbs.

Turned out that the right indicator was indeed burnt out. I also put in an electric flasher, however it looks like the previous owner had a generic thermal flasher already.

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