2012 rmz 250 motor noise

ok guy i can not find the problem. i took the motor out of the bike and torn it down i checked the top end all out it was all good the rod it was solid no play. thought maybe crank bearing and there is no play in crank and moves freely. pulled the clutch off looked it all over nothing there idk what to do its a like rod knock...... 

Could be a fastener or foreign object inside your engine. There are a lot of tiny parts inside the cylinder head too that could be rattling around. Some guy on here a while back had a clutch installed at the dealer and a few bolts backed out and chewed up the motor pretty bad. I recommend taking it to a trustworthy mech if you can't diagnose it. Keyword is trustworthy, not a dealer in otherwords.

Check the cam chain & cam chain tensioner. 

My 2012 RMZ 250 has low hours (32.2 hours) and there has been a rattling noise that has developed when I ride it. It's only when the bike is moving in gear and seems to die off at higher RPM's and if I jump it. I can't find anything that is loose on the bike and I'm starting to think its something within the engine or transmission. This noise doesn't seem to be effecting anything currently but if anyone knows what it is or could be let me know. 

Check clutch basket. Also check for metal material in oil filter. Even the slightest amount of big end rod play might not be detectable without measuring end play. Are you an aggressive/ fast rider? May be time for a rebuild and since you’ve got it down that far splitting the cases and doing the bearings and crank is good insurance.

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