Rampart conditions

Anyone been up there in the last 48 hours or so?

Any dry places to ride?

Any one not working today wanna go ride?

Just an FYI for anyone looking to do Rampart

The snows is 85% gone and the trails and ready to ride as of yesterday

There is still snow in some places but it's ridable for sure!

Gonna go back out today if anyone wants to go out!


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Hit Rampart on Saturday the 2nd. Epic Conditions and with the weather we are going to have this week it is going to be great. Traction was better than I have ever ridden up there.

On my high horse, folks that talk bad about the place havent lived in other places, what a great thing we have up there in Rampart and with new trail openings while the rest of states are closing theirs we are lucky. Although some trails could use some bump reduction...LOL.

We didn't hit Turtle Mountain or Skeleton trail manly due to time but the section of 650 from 677 to 627 is a hoot.



We hit Turtle mountain sunday afternoon and conditions were excellent. 

Yep I also went Saturday

Things were great. Still lots of puddles but that's better then dry dust I guess.

Yep I also went Saturday

Things were great. Still lots of puddles but that's better then dry dust I guess.

So, I heard some dumbass got super lost at Rampart on Saturday. Wonder what that dude was smoking?!   :p


Is it even possible to get lost at Rampart?

Is it even possible to get lost at Rampart?


Just ask DasF  ;)

Funny, I get it now. G

I have no comment. :smashpc:  :foul:

I have no comment. :smashpc::foul:

It woulda been better if he ran outa gas :)

Tag him with a gps tracker?  :smirk:

DasF Running through rampart asking  :p


Must have gotten some debris in my eye so that's why I couldn't see the trail #s. And my eyes were dry from that blueberry.....muffin I had on the way. Good thing I know the trails so well and was able to get out without asking for help. ;)

There was a lot of new downed trees out on the turtle mountain single track today. some big ones as well.

Yeah, we removed 4 large trees today as well.

Went out saturday

679 going down to the road was a mess. Its got a 16 inch deep trench full of rocks and rapid water running down hill. Was extremely challenging 

I wish this fregin rain would stop

Pretty large trail crew out yesterday. If anybody has the time, contribute to maintenance up there. There's plenty of need from all the rain and recent snow.


Even if you can't participate in a organized trail day, carry a portable chain saw in yer pack and remove a tree when you come across it. All 4 trees we removed were fairly large and had been ridden around by multiple bikes. G

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Well went out today. And it was a little greasy. All in all a fun day. Only went over the bars once. Lol

I'm looking to get out Monday. Anyone off that would be game to ride?

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