new to 4 strokes, do i go crf150 or 250f?

Hi guys, iv been riding bikes for about a year now on a yz250 and kdx 200, im wanting to move to a 4 stroke, i rode a crf150rb and was very blown away with the power from bottom to top. im 18 years old, 5.5 feet and weigh 123lbs with kit. I really like the crf150 but should i be looking at a 250f?


Thanks for the help. :ride:

If you ride a yz250 now you will get bored of a crf150 pretty quick

Get a 250. I had a 150 then a 250 and now a 450

ok thanks guys, iv decided to wait and save for a 250f.

A 150 sits on the same frame as an 85 so its way too small if youve been on a 250. Id say get a newer fuel injected 450 if you want to have some fun. Lots of power youll love it comming from a 250 2 stroke.

thanks, i am going to be testing a few bikes soon, will try a 450 and see how i like it.

Just got the yz250fx love the bike 4t of course witch helps when it comes to gas. Perfect amount of power right out of the store but I got lots of adjustment to make to be perfect

Awesome, yea i wish i had the cash to get one new, but i rode a 08 crf250r this weekend and it is an amazing bike, definitely one of the bikes im looking at getting. 

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