Twisted radiator, okay to ride with it?

Hello, this is a noobish question I know.  I'm new to 4 strokes, and fairly new to MX bike in general.


Anyway got a 2005 CRF250R that I scored like new with only 20 original hours.  Everything on it is nearly perfect, except just last night when I was cleaning her after a ride I noticed my radiator(s) didn't line up straight.  Turns out the right side radiator is just slightly twisted at the top.  All the bolts are still securely fastened, guard is not damaged, nor are the fins.  Just the top is out of line from the bottom.  Must have had a fall on the right side, and I know these radiators are pretty easy to tweak or bend.


I am sure this one can be fixed, but I ordered a new OEM radiator anyway because if I didn't my OCD would eat me up about it...LOL.


It's not leaking, and other than the twist is in good shape.  No dents or anything like that.  I'd guess it's twisted about 15 degrees out of line.


New Radiator won't show up until Monday.  But is it okay to run it with a twisted one?  Will it affect the cooling of the engine being bent?  Or is it okay as long as the surface area is still intact?  I was hoping to hit the track with it this weekend, but may just take my other bike out instead if this is any cause for concern.


On this note, what are indications if your bike is running too hot?  Just for my future reference.

I put an 04 250X gas tank on my 05 250R cus I do a lot of long rides and wanted the extra fuel. Do not ride MX but FSR's, woods and tight gnarly single track)


Had to gently bend the brackets on the rads to move them a bit more forward, then trimmed down the plastic rad guards where they hit the front fender to fit the 250x tank


So not sure what an OEM rad costs but i would just straighten it.


Not to be negative and speaking from experience, there's a good change you are going to crash at some point. I'm pretty anal but tend to not worry about scratches and ding's and focus on doing good regular preventive maintenance.


If the bike is running too hot, you will hear it boil and see rad fluid coming out the overflow.

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Okay cool. Thanks.

I already order the radiator, it was was $157. I'll put it on and straighten the other one as a back up for (when) I need it.

If you don't crash sometime you aren't riding fast enough....Lol.... That's what my buddy told me. I'll still do my best not to...haha

grab a pair of radiator guards if you can... I've got flatlands they are bulletproof

grab a pair of radiator guards if you can... I've got flatlands they are bulletproof

Cool man... I'll check them out. I have the basic plastic ones from the factory. But always down for upgrade stuff!!


Ride it like you stole it

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