Help! 99 400ex has spark but wont run

Hi guys, I have a 400ex my son drives was running good then all of a sudden wont run. I took out the spark plug cranked it over seems to be sparking little but dont think its enough. I sprayed starting fluid in the spark plug hole put the plug back in and it wont even fire. I checked the timing and valve clearances. I downloaded the repair manual and started to check things out. I'm only getting about 44 volts at the coil when i crank it over. suppose to be 100v per manual. i checked the coils ohms and it is good. I checked the connection from the motor stator and still only 44v. i would think the stator is bad but the ohms test came out normal. Is it possible for a stator test to come out normal but not enough volts when cranking it over? Does anyone know what the ohms is suppose to be at the stator for sure? Please help don't want to buy a stator if thats not the problem they are expensive.

any suggestions appreciated and thanks.

The secondary side of the coil is going to have a lot more than 100v. How are you checking it? Have you done a compression test?

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