13 S, slant FCR throttle cables

Hey guys. Looking to figure out what throttle cable would work best with the slant off an E model. I'll go ahead and assume an E model will but i also have 2" risers with enduro high bend bars and need a little extra wiggle room. I don't use the return cable so that will be coming off and a spare cable goes in the back pack.

My stock cables are maxed out on all the adjustments even though they worked fine for the stock carb(they've always been almost out of adjustment on the FCR).
Also debating on swapping the throttle tube at the same time, but iffy against going with aluminum since i ride a lot of offroad and don't want it bent and binding. Any recommendations? 

Searched around for a bit and couldn't find a direct answer about the cable really. Thanks!

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THrottle cable is completely out of adjustment and i can't go WOT anymore LOL. Looking to order what i need tonight but it's a bit confusing.  I need an E cable and the correct r6 throttle tube if possible. 

For the cable I can't really find OEM other than motosport and they have a few days out. Would motion pro hold up? i don't have any experience with their products and i don't want something that's gonna wear out or break prematurely.

Can i get klx400R throttle cables? As far as i know they're just E model clones and would work. Just double checking since i'm trying to have the bike back together in a couple days. One day shipping is great haha

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I have the motion pro cables and have used them on a few bikes without any issues. I also have Tusk 1 1/8 bars in the atv high bend on top of 7/8 to 1 1/8 adaptors for a total of around 5.5 inches of rise IIRC. I think it is roughly 3.5 inches taller than stock and the motion pro cables work great. This is all on my 2001 E model. Hopefully this helps

I'm using MP throttle cables (S model) with my FCR-MX carb, 1" bar riser/adapters, and CR-High bend bars... no issues and still room for adjustment.

I've been looking at these but how much "easier" would it be to fit these to the fcr-mx versus using the OEM cables on a SM?


And have you tried both?

I don't have a SM. But the layout is the same. When the FCR is installed on the S/SM there is a position difference at the carbs throttle wheel. The OEM S/SM cable ends at the carb are different then needed for the FCR. Yes the OEM cables can and do work but not as well as the properly shaped ends on the specific cables for the FCRs. Though the standard cable length may work because I have high handle bar config and will be getting the top triple like Signman Wayne has I ordered cables plus two inches longer. You may notice that some FCRMX kits are sold with new throttle cables for better fit and operation. To be honest I have not tried both. My build is still in progress. I have many parts gathered but the engine has not been pulled yet... soon I hope.

I ordered klx400R cables and an r6 throttle tube. Managed to ghetto rig my throttle to make it rideable but it won't last log. New stuff comes tomorrow so I'll have it sorted out then if all works at least. Thanks guys!

E throttle cables work perfect. They were a bit short for my bar setup but some different routing made it work and also looks a bit tidier. R6 throttle tube took a little bit of effort to get it to work smoothly but it seems to be working fine now.  It didn't seem like a completely drastic throttle difference really but it's nice to not have to move my hand to go WOT.

FWIW motion pro is a great company and I would never hesitate to use their products

That's what my impression was today. Cables were quality and the throttle tube was also quality, It only binded with the stock cable/throttle tube clamp but with a little dremeling i made it work. Knock on wood i only took it for a short ride but it seemed fine. 

I also switched back to using both push/pull cables. I think using only 1(pull) cable made it stretch out more quickly than with 2. I've gotten pro at getting the throttle cables adjusted perfectly now and it snaps back without an issue. Will update after i get more seat time on the setup. but being able to go WOT again is really nice. LOL

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