Difference between service manual, and supplement?

I'm looking to buy a manual for my 97 klx300...all I can seem to find on eBay is a bunch of service manual supplements, will these wrk???

A service manual supplement is just an update. These are created to either correct errors in the original manual or when a manual is used to cover many years of production where changes were small enough to not warrant creating individual manuals for each year. This is common when all that changed was a front fork or 'bold new graphics'.


See your local dealer or a place like the TT store. When you buy the legal manual, it will include all applicable supplements.

I bought a KLX300 new in 1999. The service manual I ordered and received was for a KLX250R/KLX250 and then received a supplement for the KLX300 with difference listed for the 300. Used them all these years without a hitch.

Core manual is for a KLX250R. Supplement covers the differences between the 250 and the later 300.

Not much difference between the two outside of the forks.

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