Rm250 clutch failure

Hey guys,

I've got a 93 rm250 that I just bought. It starts and runs fine but when I kick it in gear it stalls out. Like the clutch wasn't working. So I pulled off the clutch Cover to find my basket fingers completely sheared off. With no metal to be found.

Any ideas?

I assume this would explain why when I put it in gear with the clutch pulled, it jumps and stalls immediately as if I dump the clutch.



There should be metal chunks somewhere? Did you tear it apart yet

i have taken out all the disks, but have not pulled the basket yet. Any idea why every single tooth would break off like that? 

Anyone ever see one this bad? Any idea what would have caused this?

never seen this before, and i would guess just way beyond service limit.


as stated above, there has to be chunks in there somewhere, I would split the cases and clean check all bearings.

Correct me if I'm wrong. With the clutch being as it is. Would It not just slip like crazy? Because the issue I'm having is the clutch will not disengage. As soon as I kick it in gear with lever pulled, it jumps forward and stalls. Rear wheel is under load.

Most likely, the basket needed to be changed a LONG time ago, and it wasn't. Throw a new basket in there and make sure it's SUPER sanitary before putting it back together.

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