Yz426 splitting case?

Hey whats up guys im gona be rebuilding my sm yz426. Got new piston and timming chain also will adjust valves while there. Now i found a good deAl on wr426 trans gears, the whole gear box. How hard is it to get to the trans gears? I can do rebuilds and all that but not to sure on the trans i know it will be stator side. Is it as easy as pulling motor, jug and stator side and getting to the trans gears and swaping for wr gears? Also i have all other gaskets but when splitting the case do u need the crank case gasket? Is it a sealant or paper gasket? I also bought a flywheel puller. Thanks for any help guys.

The trans can be left in either side, or loaded in either side, for that matter.  I'm not sure there's an advantage to doing it either way, but I always load it in the left with the crank so they're both on the same side. 


There is no center case gasket.  Use either Yamabond (best) or a top tier automotive RTV sealer like Permatex's "Right Stuff".  Loc-Tite makes several product for sealing aluminum metal-to-metal joints that work well, too.  Just don't use the typical low-cost "silicone sealers" from the auto parts store

Ok will get yamabond herd good stuff about it. Now for splitting the case what has to be removed to get the trans gears out to swap? Would i have to pull the clutch basket? Thinking it might be bolted to the side of one of the sets of trans gears. Just looking for a heads up. Thanks alot for the tips and help.

Ok thanks grayracer513

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