what bike is a good upgrade from a ttr125?

I'm looking at upgrading from my ttr125 in the near future. I got it about 6 months ago and am very comfortable on it and am looking for something with more power. I am 16, 5'10", and 135-140 pounds. This was my first bike but I am finding myself needing more power and the suspension is working that well for me.

I'm looking for a used bike for around $2500 give or take. It will be used only for trail riding, mostly rocky terrain so i won't be going fast the majority of the time. (Woods trails and power lines) I was looking into the crf250x and wr250f but they are scarce to find used.

I have also recent looked at the kdx220 and it looks to be a good bike to upgrade (and cheap too) to but I have never ridden a 2 stroke and am not familiar with the feel or maintenance. In the future I am looking at making my bike street legal so I can ride to trails via the roads and not have to worry about police so I will have to take that into consideration.

Which bike would be a good upgrade for me? Or are there any other bikes that are worth looking into?

Thanks for any replies

Correction: the suspension ISN'T working that well for me (sorry for the typo)

Performance wise anything will be an upgrade, but your ttr is probably the most reliable bike you will ever own.

If you like the kdx220, go with it. Great bikes and fairly tame for a 2 stroke. If you plan on sticking to trails you won't regret it, but if you plan on hitting the local mx track, you may be disappointed.

Get ether the kdx 200 or 220, I have only ridden 2 strokes and I love them, you are going to want to keep them in the higher revs when in tight woods, but they are happy to just putt along slowly too.

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